Future-Proof Organization



A corporative culture research through participatory workshops delivered as a visual storytelling deck



Structor + Hyper Island




Facilitation, Art direction


Culture transformation Visual storytelling


Moa Forsberg, Pavel Semenov, Michelle Ruíz, Erika Díaz Gómez



To sharpen and communicate their core and added values for their stakeholders, was the brief proposed by Structor, a unique network of multidisciplinary consultancy companies, based in Sweden.

Structor works as a flat organization that values the freedom of every company inside the group to outline their business plan, strategy and operation in collaboration with their employees. They don’t do budgets or have any owner directives.




The companies within the group are united by a common set of core values and principles but they co-operate in projects on a voluntary basis, based on the principles of trust and costumer value.

One of the challenges for our team was to discover the values that the own collaborators consider important, in opposition to a traditional approach in which the top management decide which values will represent the company.

This goal will have to be consistent across different cities and companies as well, as the branches of the organization are based in different places around the country.


In order to discover the values that were important for the collaborators, we tailored 8 workshops in which we got to connect with around 60 people in 6 different cities around Sweden.

The activities invited the participants to project the company into a rapidly changing future to identify moving forces that will affect their business and the opportunities that those will bring.


Due to the characteristics of the Structor group, we decided to represent our findings based on the metaphor of a tree.

This image allowed us and the company to project themselves into an abstract representation that helped them visualize their values for them and their stakeholders.