Cooking Fairy Tales

An interactive collection of books that invites children to cook the recipes from classical fairy tales


Villegas Editores




• Latino Book Awards 2010 - BookExpo America, EE.UU

• Latino Book Awards 2011 - BookExpo America, EE.UU

• Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño BID 2010


María Villegas, Jennie Kent, Elena Landinez, Sylvia Gómez, Jose Jácome, Erika Díaz Gómez



Art Direction


Villegas Editores, a very well recognised publisher in Colombia, wanted to attract children to the kitchen by pushing the frontiers between storytelling and printed interaction forward

Cocinando Cuentos de Hadas is a collection of books that revisit 5 classical stories. By mixing classical storytelling with interaction the collection imagines how the dishes of the classical fictions can be discovered, loved and prepared


Every story is included into a book that works as a triptych. Every book includes two pockets, 12 cards with recipes, 6 cards with health recommendations, and stickers that need to be found in the story and be placed on the book


In order to give importance to the act of cooking, every dish was portrayed as character. Considering that every story had a different mood, the recipes were also adapted to the context of the main stage.

The idea was that kids will discover every recipe / character inside the storybook, therefore, every book will come with a sticker that needed to be placed inside the book

The cards are printed in a plastic material that allows children to take the cards to the kitchen


6 cards are included inside the left pocket with tips for health and nutrition. Some of the characters in the storytelling were included in this additional cards by developing micro stories that completed the main narration