Bogotá Suena

Using a popular platform for creating a space to collect sound memories of Bogotá sent by strangers in different parts of the city


Personal Project



Concept creation + curation + visual identity


María Libertad Márquez,

Erika Díaz Gómez




Bogotá, a Colombian city with more than eight million inhabitants, is as vast as it is diverse. As time passes, more and more images are registered from all around, including the South American capital. But is there a way to explore other inputs, such as sounds in order to collect memories?

Bogotá Suena is an independent initiative to collect sound registries through social media. By using an existing and popular platform, sound and some context information in which those acoustic registries were gathered will be posted.


The process of Bogotá Suena has been a challenge from the beginning, without having any experience on social media channels, and little time available for being a side project, we started shaping the initiative by establishing some rules for every sound entry:

  • It should be hosted in and popular platform and have a space in all popular platforms
  • It should be short (not longer than 30 seconds)
  • It should contain an image in order for the users to connect the sound somehow to media that they are already familiar with
  • All sounds must be published
  • Responses should be quick
  • No money should be spent



Collective creation is something that inspire me and every project, I believe powerful ideas are the ones who can grow by itself. From this experience I believe that decentralized projects are the future.

Although side projects are a need in my creative process, very complicated initiatives can be hindering and frustrating, it is very important to consider those aspects as challenges in the ideation process



By gathering feedback from users, two main aspects were highlighted and consequently prototyped, they were related to the quality of images and the geolocation, because of those, two experiments were conducted

Instagram: Although the pictures connect to the memories of the users somehow, we realised that capturing both the picture and the sound can be a complicated process. Generally also, it takes a lot of effort to capture a good picture and the quality we ended up receiving was not ideal for the project. For this reason, some experiments were conducted in order to fulfill the need of having a visual aspect on the blog. This will also opening new opportunities of collaboration






CartoDB: In order to answer to the feedback given by the visitors, we decided to  conduct some geolocation experiments















  • Sustainability: How can the project exist an keep on growing without  a curator?
  • Making it analog: How can the project exist outside virtual spaces? are there possibilities in new technologies as 3d printing to expand the project beyond digital media?